0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools

0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools
0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools
0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools
0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools
0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools
0 60 seconds minutes Power On Delay Timer Relay With Socket Base AC 220V AH2 Y Time Switch in Timers from Tools

Product Specification

Brand Name: OOTDTY

Theory: Digital

Model Number: Delay timer Switch

Usage: Timer Switch

Type: Other

Model Number:AH2-Y
Contact Resistive Load:AC 250 5A
Rated Voltage:AC 220V
Number of Terminals:8 Pins
Time Range: 60seconds / 60minutes
Indicator Operation: On-Up Two LED Indicator Light
External Material:Plastic & Metal
Mount Rail Type:DIN Rail
Panel Size:86 *58mm / 3.4" * 2.3" 
Total Length:100mm/3.9"
Package include:
1* AH2-Y Power On Delay Timer
1* Socket base
Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.
Please allow 1-3mm slight deviation due to manual measurement. Thank you! 

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